Open plan hosting

Pricing - £20 yearly + vat [buy]
or £6 quarterly + vat [buy]

  • Hosting for 1 domain on Fast UK based Windows 2003 Servers
  • 100 MB web space
  • 1 GB monthly bandwidth allowance
  • 1 Subdomain, i.e., as separate sites with their own folder structure
  • 1 Domain aliases, for example... register the .com, .net etc versions of your domain name alias them and surfers will see the same files and be able to send to the same e-mail users as your main domain
  • 5 E-Mail accounts each with spam filtering, virus scanning, web based and POP3 access (for Outlook Express, Thunderbird), auto responders, and mail forwarding capabilities.
  • 1 MRA (Multi Recipient Addresses), an MRA is an e-mail address that upon receiving a message will automatically forward that message on to multiple recipients (useful for newsletters etc).
  • 1 FTP account for uploading your files
  • SSI (Server Side Includes) support
  • Frontpage 2002 extensions
  • Secure Folders, password protected website folders. No coding necessary!
  • Custom Error Pages - Customise your HTTP 404 file not found error page to stop surfers turning away when a page has just been moved or renamed!
  • Virtual Directories, configure virtual directories, setup http:// forwarding for directores, enable folder browsing on certain directories
  • DNS Zone Manager, add, update and remove zone records. Specify personal MX and Host (A) records for your domains
  • MIME type manager, add, update and remove MIME types. Add additional services such as WAP and Real Audio to your site
  • Web based file manager and WYSIWYG HTML editor , create, edit, delete, rename, copy and move folders and files in your site structure through the control panel!

Pricing - £20 yearly + vat [buy]
or £6 quarterly + vat [buy] - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions