Customer Comments

Stuart Turner
The service has been superb... 2 thumbs fresh :)

Michael Warner
"Exahost is excellent value for money and the level of customer support you receive is vastly superior to larger organisations. The featureset is also at least as good as any other competitor I have seen."

Lucie Clarke
"Excellent rates and a first class service and support. Helpful and informative people who offer a customer service which is hard to find in this day and age. I would recommend them highly to all! Keep up the good work guys!!!"

Craig Sutherland
"Blimey, that is fair! To be honest it was by chance that I stumbled accross you guys and since my first purchase you have provided an excellent service - second to none infact. This also reflected in making it easy for me to convince the people behind and to host with you. This latest and very generous offer only cements my commitment in staying with you guys even further. I have no intentions in hosting elsewhere. Excellent stuff."

Adam Smith
"Thank you once again for your excellent service and support - I have dealt with a great deal of hosting companies before yourselves and I have to say that you are the best we've come across."

Paula Harvey
"Thanks for setting the above account up so quick. Very professional I must say!!!"

Kevin Watson
"I checked again this morning and it seemed to work fine... maybe just a temporary glitch. Thanks for taking the time to look into it. (it means alot for me to get this level of excellent service)"

Jonathan Higgins
"I'm impressed with your service and am recommending you regularly. At least one fellow student has already signed up with you and I have at least another four in the pipeline." .... "I just wanted to let you know that these were not simply hollow words, and that, and all signed up upon my recommendation. These are just the ones that I know about, maybe there have been others. I'm not telling you this and looking something in return as reward, I simply wanted to reinforce my above statement and wish you continued success."

"What do they say about the wood from the trees and look at the most obvious place first..? I've been spending to much time on this computer, but then again it looks like you have too! Did not expect such a rapid reply, so was going to mail you this morning to say that I had sussed the problem but your usual exemplary service beat me again. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer, Bob.."

Tim Bushell
"I choose your company because you were good value for money and also offered 2 key ASP components (ASPUpload and ASPJpeg) as standard - I was also impressed by the extent of ASP components you offer! I'm sure I will make use of them."

Darren Taylor
"An excellent service at an unbeatable price. Your customer service is excellent, always fast, efficient and reliable which is why I constantly recommend Exahost to all of my customers and friends!"

Andrew McFarland
"I would like to thank you for your assistance in this matter. Good customer service is very important to me and you have excelled. I would not hesitate to recommend your hosting to anyone else."

"I would just like to say thank-you again for your great customer service."

Barry Gibson
"Once again thank you very much, you have been extremely helpful when called upon. All is working without problem now."

Paula Harvey
"Thanks for setting the above account up so quick. Very professional I must say!!!"

Nick Roach
"Thank you for your help! I must admit I have never experienced such a high a level of customer service as you provide - thank you!"

Ahmed AlSairafi
"All I can say is thanks for the great support, I didn't expect you'd go into the details of going through the code to find the problem, now that's an extra!" - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions