Hosting Features Explained

Fast UK based Windows Server 2003 hosting

Our servers have redundant 100Mbps internet connections ensuring that your site can always cope with any demands placed upon it and never loses its connection due to network failures. A UK based data centre will give faster connection times to UK surfers.

Multi Domain Hosting

Our easy to use Helm control panel allows you to control a number of domains using one simple login. Even if you buy a plan that initially supports a single domain , you can always add another domain at any time.


Subdomains are domain names within your existing domain, for example,

There are 2 ways of achieving this, you can use the subdomain feature within Helm under an existing domain. This allows you to map a folder on your website as a sub-domain. For example can also be accessed via

Alternatively you can purchase another domain on your package and create a new domain called which will have it's own folder structure, email accounts etc. and behave like a totally seperate website.

Domain Aliases

A domain alias allows you to point multiple domain names to a single domain. An example use of this feature would be purchasing the .com, .net, .org versions of your domain name and pointing them all to the, allowing you to write only 1 website but have 4 or 5 addresses to access it and send e-mail to.

Flexible Disk Space

Each hosting plan has a pre-defined amount of disk space for hosting your website(s). If you need more you can easily add extra disk space at any time through the extras page.

Flexible Bandwidth

Bandwidth is consumed each time the web server delivers a page from your site to a visitor. It is also consumed using ftp and email. Each hosting plan has a pre-defined amount of monthly bandwidth allocation. If you exceed this then you can simply add extra bandwidth at any time through the extras page.


Websites can make use of dynamic content and other features provided by these languages.

Shared SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology used to encrypt the transmission of data between a server and a surfer (client). You can utilize this technology on your site via a shared server certificate. This feature (when installed) provides you with a https:// prefixed URL which can be used to allow your clients to access certain webpages securely.

Custom Error Pages

An error page is the page that the server returns to the client when an error such as HTTP 404 (File Not Found) has occurred. Our control panel allows you to easily customize (by specifying your own version) the error pages for all server error codes.

Secure Folders

You have the ability to define USERS and USER GROUPS from within the control panel. You can setup the passwords for USERS and add/remove them from USER GROUPS. You can then specify which USERS and USER GROUPS have access to which folders within your website structure. Anybody trying to access a folder which is protected in this way is prompted with a Windows style login box and given 3 attempts to enter a valid username and password before being sent to a page informing them that they are unauthorized to view the requested resource.

Email Accounts

Within the control panel you can setup and control your email accounts. The number of email accounts you get is controlled by the plan you purchase, although you can always add more through the extras page. Each email account provides full POP3 facilites which work with Outlook and other email programs (rather than being web based such as hotmail or gmail).

Email MRA's (Multi Recipient E-mail Addresses)

Within the control panel you can setup MRA's which are simply an e-mail address (for example which upon receiving an e-mail, will forward that e-mail to a predefined list of e-mail addresses. This feature is ideal for small newsletter distributions or communications with select groups of users.

FTP Accounts

FTP accounts allow you to "upload" your website to the web server. You can have multiple ftp accounts per domain (depending on your plan / installed extras).

DNS Zone Editor

This feature allows you to edit your DNS Zone file. Advanced users only...

Online File Manager / WYSIWYG File Editor

Out of the office? Need to correct a spelling mistake in a webpage? Easily done through the control panel. You can edit your webpages using an online interface and list, move, rename and delete files through the online file manager.

Statistics Analysis

An in-depth analysis of all the visitors to your website, visitor numbers, search engine referrals, website referrals, hits, visits, bandwidth used, common errors, all this and more available in easily understandable reports.

MIME Type Editor

Customize the MIME types for your domain.

Pre-Propagation Support

Before registering a domain or transferring your site to our servers it is possible from within the control panel to enable pre-propagation support. This feature provides you with a special URL that you may use to view and test your site on our server before comitting to changing nameservers or even use our services. Using this feature it is possible to design and test a website on our server without even having a domain name!








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