Hosting FAQ


- What is your data centre network connection like?

Our datacentre has three different Tier-1 ISP 100Mb fibre connections entering the building at three different locations providing  complete redundancy and optimum speed levels.


- Do you provide an uptime guarantee with your packages?

100% uptime is always our goal but we do not feel that it is ethical to guarantee this to our customers. Things can, and often do go wrong, but we alway endeavour to resolve issues as soon as we are able.


- What happens after my paid hosting period?

Upto 1 month before your hosting package is due to expire you will receive several reminders via e-mail asking you to login and payment renewal fees with instructions on how to do so.

- Will you charge me to transfer to another host ?

No, should you be unsatisfied with our service you can transfer your site at anytime. We will do all we can to help and do not charge a penny.


- How can I configure the POP3 mailboxes supplied with my account?

You can either have a 'catch-all' POP3 mail box or all mail (e.g. forwarded to any E-Mail account (e.g. Alternatively you can use the allocation of POP mailboxes supplied with your account to create a whole host of separate e-mail users on your domain each with their own mailboxes, web-mail access and separate passwords.


- Do you throttle uploads (FTP)?


- Can I upload using any ISP?



- What databases do you support?

Currently, Access 97, 2000 and MySQL

***Note, we know of a method of upgrading your Access 97 databases for use with our Access 2000 server capabilities 'Free Of Charge', i.e. without purchasing Access 2000. You will need to e-mail in for this information.


- Can I install my own ASP components, or if not can you do it for me?

For security and satiability reasons we do not allow users to add their own additional components. However you can request additional commercial components to be added should you have a licence for them. We will look into installing them if the demand is high enough and would benefit other users.

If you have any further questions, please email us at - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions - Affordable Windows Hosting Solutions